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Become a regular member by filling out the form below

Members are very important for independent community organizations. They ensure that the organization is attentive to the needs of the entire community, and they recognize through their support the work that is carried out.

Regular members include all women that are in agreement with the mission, the objectives and the values of the organization, and who also respect the general regulations.

Why become a member?

•    To support l’Accalmie’s mission
•    To
confirm support for the elimination of violence against women and children, in a conjugal or family context
•    To
express interest in achieving gender equality
•    To
adhere to the values conveyed by the organization: respect, commitment, solidarity, transparency, and equality
•    To
vote at the General Meeting 
•    To
participate in a meaningful community movement 
•    To
show funders the support from the community 
•    To
access certain privileges dedicated to members
•    To
belong to a supportive community that mobilizes for the well-being of women and children victims of conjugal or family violence

How to become a regular member?

•    By completing the membership form here 

•    Membership is renewable each year

Membership or Renewal Form

Thank you for your support!

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