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Housing Services

L’Accalmie provides women and children, victims of domestic violence, with free accommodation in a safe and confidential place. It is in a calm, warm and welcoming space that our workers are available to listen and provide the necessary support for the duration of the stay.

Individual intervention

With our team of intervention workers on site, we can offer intervention plans and programs for each woman. These are adapted to each woman’s specific needs in order to regain control over their lives’; all the while respecting their decisions and personal rhythm. Women may also benefit from support for their mother-child relationship.


Accalmie workers are also available at all times to offer support throughout each woman’s unique process regarding their own personal experiences. For example we can offer support for: legal aid, social aid, criminal, civil, or youth court, search for housing, change of address, daycare, school transfer, transportation and other various essential needs.

Referral to other services as needed

Since each woman arrives with their own reality, other specific needs may be identified over time. Therefore, all the pertinent information and referal will be given and made, in order for each woman to make the best decision. 

Activities for women and children

Several activities are organized so that accomodated women and children at the shelter ultimately enjoy a pleasant stay at l’Accalmie. These activities faciliate exchanges and sharing, while making it possible to create links and above all promote solidarity between women.

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