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The Shelter


In 1988 the steps towards implementing a local resource for women and children victims of domestic violence were taken, following a recommendation from the colloquium "Violence, a reality even here", (organized by La Sentin'Elle in collaboration with the Table de concertation violence).


In 1989, l'Accalmie held its first annual general meeting and began operating by offering the following services : listening, information and referral. In the spring of 1990, l'Accalmie was able to accomodate women and children with housing. 


In 1992 l’Accalmie became the owner of a house. This allowed the organization to finally be able to offer a range of services reflecting the actual needs in the community.

Our Mission

L’Accalmie is a shelter founded on a feminist approach which promotes the empowerment of women and children. Its mission consists of three components:

•    Provide free help and support to women and children victims of conjugal or family violence by welcoming them into a transitional, safe, and confidential living environment essentially to meet their immediate need for protection and well-being.

•    Offer external consultation and intervention services to support women and children regarding their respective experiences and to break their isolation;

•    Raise awareness, inform and educate the community on the issues pertaining to conjugal violence in order to prevent it, know how to recognize it and be able to denounce it.


Respect: Demonstrate consideration for everyone, regardless of their ideas, beliefs, race, religion or any other differences.

Commitment: Be actively involved in the accomplishment of the organization's mission and the achievement of its objectives.

Solidarity: Work together in order to achieve a common goal.

Transparency: Communicate openly and honestly with everyone.

Equality : Promote the development of equal relationships among women.

Photos of the Shelter

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