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Phone Line

L'Accalmie offers a support phone line 24 / 7. There is always a worker that is available to answer any questions as well as support women and their close ones for situations of conjugal or family violence.  

Consultations without housing  

Women who experience conjugal violence can also use external consultation services. This type of service is offered to women who do not feel the need to be housed, but wish to learn more about violence. They can do so and still obtain help and support services in a confidential setting. 

The main goal for offering external services is to support women, whatever may be their experience, and break the isolation. These interventions provide opportunities to learn more about violence and it’s consequences. Through the various tools offered, women become better equipped to face certain situations, to overcome feelings of helplessness and focus on regaining power over their lives’. 

Post-housing Consultations

The main objective for a follow-up consultation, following a stay at l’Accalmie, is to offer and provide women with the support needed in order to pursue their goals related to each of their personal experiences regarding violence. 

It is a more general follow-up with Accalmie workers, that the work already begun during their stay continues after their stay. However, they can also require a more specific follow-up, as certain women still continue to experience control and violence in a relationship. Every follow-up is adapted to each woman’s needs. 

Consultations with a worker can be done by telephone, by zoom or in person. 

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